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3600 S Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO



When: 2 DAYS - Saturday, May 18, 8:30am, Horton Smith GC and Sunday, May 19, 8:45am, Rivercut GC

Format: Stroke Play, (Gross and Net) 36 Holes over 2 rounds

Tees: Blue/White

Price: $200 includes 2 days of golf, cart, range balls and Prize Pool. 

Skins Game: 2 days of Gross and Net Skins are optional and will be an additional $40 for those that want in.

$50 "Longest Drive" and $50 "Closest to the Pin" Contests Each Day!

Refund Deadline: 48 hours from tee off. A $5 Cancellation Fee will be charged.

Max Players: 20 - Over 20 will be wait-listed at no charge until they are moved up or additional tee times can be reserved.


ESTIMATED CASH PAYOUTS (Based on 16 Players. Checks will be made out to the winners by the 417 Golf Club.)


1st Gross, $100

2nd Gross, $75

3rd Gross, $50

4th Gross, $25

5th Gross, $15


1st Net, $100

2nd Net, $75

3rd Net, $50

4th Net, $25

5th Net, $15


Top 5 Finishers will also receive a One Year Membership to the 417 Golf Club valued at $125.00


ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is hosted by the 417 Golf Club Membership.

PAIRINGS: Players will not be able to schedule their own tee times. You will be notified of your time, tee box, and playing partners by text on the night before the tournament. 
Ties will be broken by carding of the round in accordance with our Club Policies: Last 9, 6, 3, 1, then last to first
HANDICAPS: To compete in the Low Net Division you should have a GHIN Number and an Official Handicap Index. This index will be frozen from moving up during the tournament, but the Handicap Committee can always adjust down if deemed necessary. If you do not have a GHIN number you will be assigned a handicap of 0.0 for the Low Net division.




  • If not on the tee box by your tee time, you will receive a 2-stroke penalty. After five minutes, you will be DQ'd and will not receive a refund for green fees, or prize pool. No exceptions.

  • Before teeing off, assign ONE PERSON in your group to sign in to the Golf Genius App with their 417GC Login and keep the digital Score Card. Choose another golfer to keep the paper score card. Everyone else can follow live results in the Golf Genius app by signing in with their 417GC login and following the Leader Board.

  • It's always best if the electronic scorer logs in and reads the names, in order, to the paper scorer. That way when you check the scores after the round you can just read out 4-4-5-4, 5-5-4-4, etc until you're done. This method is faster and much more accurate than if the names are not in the same order. 

  • All four players' scores must be on one paper scorecard. Last names only, please. No circles or dots or games. Write clearly.

  • Please total the front nine, back nine, and overall on the paper card.

  • If your group's scores aren't posted electronically in a timely manner, the entire group will be DQ'd.

  • When the round is complete, check the paper card to make sure it matches with the electronic card. Take a photo and email it to Make sure the card is right-side up, not upside down or sideways. 

  • DO NOT post your scores to GHIN for this event. The club will post your scores for you when you play a 417GC event.

  • Let's aim for a four-hour round. Keeping up with the group in front of you is the number one rule.